With a broad range of construction types, budget options and aesthetic possibilities Workplace Interiors leads the way in offering high performance carpet solutions. Workplace floor covering solutions offer tangible ergonomic and acoustic benefits and make a positive contribution to workforce productivity and well-being.

Raised Floor

Workplace Interiors presents the raised floor systems from best world manufacturers, which meets all specified requirements with regards to fire and noise protection, load-bearing, electrostatics and heating and cooling technology. We aim to provide the best floor suited to the needs of the customer.

Suspended Ceiling

Workplace Interiors is sure to have the right solution for every room and every project. We supply proven systems to suit your material requirements, functionality and color preferences and develop new solutions for especially challenging areas. Our ceiling systems improve the acoustics in your room and create a pleasant working environment.

Wall Partition

In order to meet the latest market trends and evolutions, we tend to supply customised and ready-to-install wall partitions systems. The modularity, acoustic properties and aesthetics combine to create an open, human-scale work space. We deliver wall partitions systems that are special in terms of performance and acoustic insulation, brilliance and transparency, discretion and privacy, versatility and flexibility of use.


Light creates, renders and gives life. Through light we perceive the landscape, architecture and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions. Through lighting solutions we help to create the right atmosphere and experience.

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